Meaningful Changes: Lesson #102

Back in March of 2014, my husband and I lost our home to a fire. We lost everything but the clothes on our backs, and a few odds and ends we were able to recover. Odd things really…items that we were ‘supposed to find’. (That might be another entry at a later date.)

During our time of replacement, we gave ourselves the opportunity to make meaningful changes.
Changes that had to do with materialistic things – and intention.
When we started replacing, my husband and I agreed on these very important guidelines.
Whatever we replaced – or purchased – had to fit one of three criteria.
1. Be beautiful
2. Be functional and necessary
3. Bring us much joy

Since that time, it is surprising how much we have been able to simplify and minimize.
Our home has the necessary needs filled, and we see beauty surrounding us, all under one roof. Many cupboards are still empty. And, yes, after two years, you will find closets that are still bare.
And that is ok.
We are happy!

Which brings me to one of my own internal questions….
Because realistically – it is contributing to material clutter  – to create art – right?!

Sometimes I have this tussle in my brain and I feel the need to justify.
And I came up with one very simple conclusion.
A very simple sentence actually.
The process of creating and owning art captures and reflects our very essence.

It is that simple.

And as I have carved yet another piece to add to the ‘material list of the world’ – I don’t mind.
I embrace it!
The fire was a symbolic event in our lives that caused us to make meaningful changes.
And the Dragonfly?
That, my friend, is a deep and meaningful symbol of change!

Living fully – carving a life,


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