Moms, Memories and Smells

So many things to share!
I spoke with my daughter this past week. She is a first time mom and she had taken her son in for the two month check up. I sensed some sadness in her voice so I asked about it and she said – “He got three shots today Mom!” – sounding teary.

I remember those days when our children were little. They would either cry from the shots or be distracted enough that it was a relief to both mom and child. Later, there is the scraped knees, or the falling while riding bike. I remember yy own muscles would twinge in pain as I shared their experience with them.

While at lunch, I was sharing with my husband about my conversation with our daughter, and he didn’t see what was so bad about the shots story. That is when my own senses verified what I have always known. It IS a mom thing. We carry the baby inside our womb for nine months and even though the umbilical cord is cut at delivery, the nerve connection is still there. When we fed them as a baby and even when they were older, I would twinge if they were in pain. We have a different connection, and it is more than deep.

And speaking of moms, it’s my Mom’s birthday this weekend.
It is easy for me to remember, because we both celebrate during the same month. In fact my husband’s birthday is this month as well.
As we were winding down our breakfast brunch together, my mom asked me “What makes me happy?” (And I thought I was the one who asks questions!?)
She really did throw me off guard. However I did come up with more than one answer. But I didn’t answer that art made me happy. And she called me on it. LOL Yes – I forgot to say the obvious!

So here is a question for you – and you probably have an answer.
Just remember to share those obvious answers as well!

Here is your question – since we are on the “Mom” topic….
When you think of your Mom – what smells come to mind and why?

My answer?
Fresh air! My mom loved to put the laundry out on the line. That fresh air smell is one that does not go away!
At first I was going to say the very unique smell of an iron, hot and ready to be used on fabric. Yes that smell is unique too. My mom sewed a lot, so it was common to have the iron in use as we arrived home after school. Either she was sewing or pressing something after doing some laundry. Which brings me back to the fresh air. But wait….the obvious answer? Fresh baked homemade chocolate chip cookies awaiting our arrival home on the school bus! Yep…I almost forgot the obvious!

Share your memories. Write. And share some more!

Living fully – carving a life,


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