Family is a BlessingToday I was visiting with a friend, who shared their plans to eliminate Christmas gifts completely and go on a trip together as a family instead.

I reflect on that and couldn’t agree more.
There is something irreplaceable about memories of being loved, focusing on family time, and being together.

No – there is no price-tag for that.
As I get older and reflect on travels our family made, I am filled with gratefulness for the times we traveled with our children. Some of the trips may not be remembered in detail, however the essence of that trip is deeply impregnated into their being.
They were together with us, as a family. No interruptions. In this day and age – that is the greatest gift.

Remember this wisdom as you share time with family during this holiday season.
It is not what you get – that is tangible. It is what you receive – that is intangible. Love.


Living fully – carving a life,


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