Minimalism and Meaningful

Small KeepsakeToday is New Years Day.
The start of the New Year – a time of reflection and resolutions.
Compelled to reflect on the previous year and to take in a meaningful program for reflection, I watched a very intriguing documentary called Minimalism.

It caused me to reflect on what I do, as a potter.
The documentary was the impetus of the question: Am I a contributor to the world of ‘consumption’?
Gratefully, I realized….I am not.
I am a potter who connects. Soul with Symbolism. Story with Art. Meaning with Function.

That is what sets my work apart. I do not create to ‘consume’. I create to communicate.

And as we move into the New Year, may yours be filled with richness, simplicity, and connection.
May it be symbolic of your authentic self.

Living fully – carving a life.


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