My Hiatus into Moonlit Magic

I have been ‘awake’ for the last couple of nights. The moon drenching the snow with shadows as if mid-day. I lie awake in my subconscious. Wondering. How can I not get immersed in this ‘drama’ of politics?

As an artist, ideas flow forth in my head continuously. Especially, between those magical moonlit hours of awake-ness. As I mentioned, not surprisingly, my heart has been yelling at me lately. Asking me why I sit silently. Being silent to the atrocities that are happening in our counties, cities, states, countries, and around the globe!
To be healthy, I should be expressing my emotions through my art – for my own well being and as a vehicle of public awareness. My work is an expression of what sometimes can not be said. Yet my art takes time. I realize I can not create fast enough – at this moment in time – to express the frustrations, anxieties, fears, worries, anger, sadness, and the emotions we are socially told to paralyze into silence. Frankly, we are all paralyzed in this political climate! And what can we do?

The flip-side of this conversation looks like this.

I am one who completely believes in the power of positivity. I have lived this for decades.
Yet at the same time I am reading a book by Rebecca Solnit that is….opening my eyes even more widely to the realities of our current state of being! I have read two of her earlier books. And this is the “Mother” of them all.
Repeatedly, I go to bed at night and I am in a turmoil! Where are we headed in this world?
I am one who has strongly believed; that every creature has an equal right to be here, that I shall not harm, and that everyone has a right to be heard with equal attention. While being kind. And sharing love.

And yet, we are not at this place in our world.
My heart-brain is trying desperately to come up with a course of action that is loving, positive, and engaging.
In my night-musings I rested on a commitment to myself and to others. I will do my very best to refrain from the ‘drama’. However, I will engage – in truth findings.
So if you see me sharing images, graphs, or informational gatherings. Know that I am seeking the most truthful findings that need to be shared.
Is this being political? Define political.
I am engaging in truth finding. I will not bash. I will not yell. (Yes, I may get loud.) But here is the underlying teaching of the book I shared. It is time for me to no longer be silenced. Nor for my global relatives, who have been silenced for reasons within and outside of their control.

This. This is where I have found myself grounded. Grounded in a hiatus from my visual art, to focus on the art of the written word.
“I am a sage from the heartland, inducing positive change through truth findings.”
And yes.
I will stand.
I will not be ‘silenced’.
Being silent is relinquishment to the powerful.
I have a right. As do you. I. Will not. Be silenced.

I am a sage from the heartland who will induce positive change through findings of truth.

Living fully – carving a life,


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