My newest work!

Welcome to The KEYHOLE Clay Studio blog!
I am excited for people to see what I have been up to and for all to get an ‘up to the minute’ glimpse at the newest of my creations.
These are all one of a kind – as you will see, as each new creation is added to my blog.
Each piece reflects life’s encounters.
From walks in a nearby woods, to motorcycling on back country roads, or simply – as life moments pass, I pay attention to my surroundings, and to the wonders of nature. Truly, beauty can be found in a single leaf! And I place much focus on these beautiful wonders.

I also see life as a journey, and you will notice some of my pieces have curves and lines that twist, cross, indent or alter the flow about a piece. – Just like in life!

My kiln is half-filled and I have been working on staining more pieces in prep for a glaze firing.

This piece is a vase that is quite large. About 18″ high when drying for the ‘bisque’ firing.
Thought you would enjoy getting a glimpse of the pieces I am preparing to finish!
Be inspired! Be creative!

I will share my belief with you: We are all creative. Support it where you live!

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  1. anneisaha
    | Reply

    Michelle, sorting through things today and just opened this email. You have found a meaningful expression for your pottery. Beautiful.

  2. anneisaha
    | Reply

    Michelle, sorting through emails and opened this. You have found a meaningful expression for your pottery. Beautiful. I’ll look forward to seeing this grow. Anne Anderson

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