Natures healing power

This last week I was fortunate to be carried miles from the unending snow of this late winter season that stubbornly refuses to welcome spring.

As we traveled 10+ hours south, I left behind my tiredness,
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and looked anxiously for the green leaves of newly budding trees.
However when we arrived at our destination, we were greeted with still dormant trees. Save 3. Flowering pear trees, Red buds, and beautiful Magnolias.

It brought to mind how deeply we as human beings are affected by nature. Riding through the hills of the Ozarks on my motorcycle, grateful of the opportunity to breath in the earthy smells of spring, embracing the visual candy of the colorful budding blooms, absorbing the suns rays into my very pores, and listening to the fresh breezes as they blew over the lakes that do not ice over as they do at home.

The moment of truth came on the trek back to my home state at the end of our respite. Back to the cold winds, the whiteness of yet another fresh snow, and the frozen ice tundra covering the waters below.

As a person living in the North Country, I think I am ultra sensitive to the changes of the seasons. The gifts each few months bring in the changes of our color palette. Cycling from fresh spring leaves to deep summer greens and later to the celebrated golds and reds of fall, to the white crystals and brown bark contrast of winter – and back again. These elements are innately reflected in my work.

I feel like I have written of this before, however at this crest of spring, I am cyclical as well.
Having been in the throws of winter hibernation, and anxiously awaiting the sunshine to bring forth fresh colors, I look forward to a refreshed spirit to continue the creative works I love – of nature.

Live fully,


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