Nirvana, a stroke of reality

Oak Leaves Sconce RawLife is full and rich.
For some, that statement is 100% accurate.
And for others, the darkness in their life is just too much, and it is totally not how they see things.

Through all of life’s experiences, we encounter questions.
Questions like: Did I really want to experience cancer?
Or: Why did I have to lose everything?
Or: Why did I lose my job?
Or: Why did they have to be where they were, when they were, and lose their life?
Or: Why me?
Why me?
Why me?

And the ultimate question. What next?
So many obstacles…or is it…so. many. opportunities.

Jill Bolte Taylor shares her story with detail and reverence.

Life is about paying attention…if. you. chose.
Digging deep to find the lessons to be learned.

Live Fully,


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