Artfully – No Texting

No internet, no texting, just two spirits standing alone in a space.

I had the honor of meeting a gentleman within the last couple of months.
He was courteous and patiently working on his form of art.
We began to visit a bit and this is where the story begins.

In fact, you have probably heard a story similar to this, time and time again.
And it bares being repeated for the message it delivers loudly and clearly.
Many people walk away from conversations like this. Inspired, knowing what needs to be done, but then they feel lost, unaware of how to make the change they now feel – stick in a world of systems.

The conversation was about space and studio rental.
I shared the fact that our house had burned down and that I had lost my kiln and glazes.
I shared that I was able to work with our local art center, to complete my glazing and have my pieces fired there, continuing my craft until things were back in order.

I continued to walk around, looking at things, when he opened the door to his own life.
He willingly and unprovoked began to share bits about his younger childhood, and his challenges.
His mother had chemical dependencies that would ripple through the genes effecting him as well.
This was just one of the many stairs in his life that caused him to stumble and fall time and time again.
At first I felt uncomfortable and deeply saddened. Then I realized this wonderful man was giving me a gift.
He was sharing his testament to what I believe to my very core. Creativity is powerful, and transcends all boundaries.

He shared that through music and working with his hands in creation, he was able to conquer and bring himself to a better place.
A place of peace. A place of joy. A place of expression when no words seem to fit. A place in his heart he can call home.
Joyously, it is a place where he has excelled.

I thank him to this day for his sharing the story of how powerful art is in his life.

My Segway: I have had the joy of working with many children from many different walks of life. Challenged in ways seen and unseen. However in art – those labels disappear. In more ways than one would guess!

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