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ClarityDo you ever wake in the night, and feel such clarity that it is surreal?

I woke in the middle of the night – again. This time with an intense feeling of knowing.
I had run across a post by an Arts advocate sharing some good business sense. Just skimming through the piece, she shared how important it is to translate what you do – into what service you help people with, in your line of work.
It wheedled it’s way into my subconscious during the night.

When I awoke, there it was. Clarity.
It clicked when I perused all of the pieces in my mind, that I have created for people.

And this is what it condensed to – I carve story into vessels to celebrate life’s defining moments.

Many times as I sit in my studio and carve, I am a conduit to the human emotion.
For some reason, my voice is in nature, and I believe the images and symbols that I carve into each piece resonates with many.
Ours is a sacred story. Each individual. Each a celebration.

Living fully – carving a life,


  1. Nina Preheim
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    You write so well. Coffee sometime?

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