handcrafted urnLove. Embraced. Spirit.
These words describe the creation thoughts I had while handcrafting this piece. As mentioned in the past and something many artists experience, is the evolution of a piece, sometimes, from a voice other than their own. Meaning “I didn’t create this by myself.” True to form, the same experience happens to me on many occasion. I am the portal if you will. This piece is one of a few free form pieces I have created. First throwing the initial vessel on the wheel, and then hand shaping and carving it.Have you ever wondered about a piece? Looking at it – wondering – what am I supposed to be seeing? Many times, artists want the mystery to be solved through the viewers’ eyes.  And on occasion, there are important elements the artist wants you to see. As in this piece. There are three impressions of hands. Each one embracing and ‘holding up’ if you will, the spirit within. And the spirit within being symbolized by the small sphere on the inset lid.Living fully – carving a life,



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