Prince, Prince, Prince….

purplerain-bridge Why do we gather so passionately together over the passing of one person?

The power of connection he brings throughout the world is palpable today.
It is only a little more than twenty-four hours since we have learned of the passing of him – Prince.
And the world mourns.

He lived life to the FULLEST!
I am amazed at the prolific creativity and the profound inspiration this one person had – and continues to have – on soooo sooo many lives all over the world.

And in that same breath, I reflect on what we all do in our lives.
Do we live with reckless abandon – like Prince?
He was the epitome of self expression and not holding back on his creativity. No inhibitions. No ‘what will they think? moments.
Just celebration of life in his own unique way.

We all are unique.
We are all individual beings.  One of a kind.
Why does the world so strongly obsess about us fitting a mold.
Isn’t life about living our true and full potential and doing what is true to our soul?

I am humbled by the gusto this man had for living
I will raise up that image in my head, heart, and soul, to continue with reckless abandon –  to do the same.
Thank you Prince. For being true to who you are.

Sad, and rejoicing in his love of life,


Photo Credit: A BIG Thank you goes out to Cindy Saba-Stoewer for sharing her photo.

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