Wrapped in Fibers of Love
Wrapped in Fibers of Love
Wrapped in Fibers of Love


Wrapped in Fibers of Love ©

The woven pieces of ancestry bring forward the stories of the past into our future.
Fibrous textures and impressions with underglazes and the feel of weaving.

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• About the process:

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind wheel-thrown clay creation. After being shaped on the potter’s wheel, the piece is allowed to semi-dry to what is called the leather-hard stage. Once it reaches this “half dry” state the piece is able to be shaped, carved and textured. Once completely dry – or ‘bone dry’ it is placed in an electric kiln for a ‘bisque firing’ which takes many, many hours reaching a temp of approximately 1800 degrees. After the piece has completed this bisque process, it is cooled, stained with oxides or stains, burnished if necessary, and glazed. The final process of high firing at a temp of approximately 2200 degrees transforms the piece from a ‘bisque’ to a ‘stoneware’.


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