Rebirth: Out of the ashes

Energy. That tingling sensation coursing through your veins.
Validating the existence of something greater than ourselves.

I have had experiences otherwise unexplainable, that I am just starting to understand.
You have felt it right? The tingling?

I have too, on quite a few occasions.
However last Friday was a very different experience.

I walked into a gallery hall – where my work was being exhibited in a solo show.
My work, as I have created, has been a very spiritual quest and process. I knew that, each time I picked up the carving tool.
However, stepping into the gallery, I was very ‘disconnected’ from the fact that it was my work. Yet felt something very real. It wasn’t an ego thing. It was a quiet, reflective environment….and something was different.
The pieces spoke of their own energy. And I heard.

If you are in the Albert Lea area, pause….and partake in something of a spiritual experience.
The winter gallery hours are Tuesday and Thursday 10am-4pm, Friday and Saturday 1-4pm or by appointment.

Living fully – carving a life,



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