Remember Gene Kelly dancing in rain?

The clouds are out today. It is dry and the rain has not fallen for quite some time.millpond
However the gray clouds are heavy and dark and there is a chance of rain – soon.
Over lunch I have been going to the Millpond in a nearby park and I took this photo last Friday for some inspiring landscape study.

Yes it is spring, and the studio is actually comfortably cool today,
because it has been bouncing between cool and warm windy spring weather.
With the wind blowing top soil around from the western bluffs, I have refrained from opening the windows just yet.


spirit and threadsBut I am in my bare feet and ready to go back to carving!
My feet remind me of the dancing we saw at a musical this weekend at a nearby college. The tapping got my toes moving, and thinking it is not too late to continue tap dancing class. Our daughter was in tap as a youngster, and my first attempt to tap was when I was over the age of 50. Which brings me to a local story that just gets me excited and needs sharing. Let’s just say eighty-five is not too old to learn!

Get your toes moving!

Living fully – carving a life,








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