Respect. Integrity. Calm.

There is a conversation evolving.

It is steeped with emotion and decision as we cross the great precipice‚Äďa loved one is or has recently moved from living here on earth to passing on.
So many decisions and so much loss felt in one large gray swirling cloud of emotion.

It is no longer quiet.
Suddenly, we are transported with a systematic numbness – for hard choices need to be made.
A traditional funeral and burial? A cremation with services and a scattering or burial? Decisions. And so many of them.

My father suddenly and tragically passed a few years ago. He was not financially of any upper tier. We made our decisions based on how he would have liked it, not on the funeral industry conversation of ‘cremation is the cheaper choice’? Honestly? Cheaper? Is that what drives people to choose

I am for the funeral industry being mindful. I would even like it if they raised it up a notch or two.
Of the belief that a family’s interpretation for what is fitting being more prevalent, I believe the deceased persons essence is the driving force, not money that tilts the scale towards cremation.

We made intentional choices when choosing for my father. Yes, it was about integrity, to the very core. And I know he was very pleased with the celebration. Our choices truly reflected who he was as a human being on this planet. It was perfect.

If cremation is your choice, how does one create a ceremony that represents the deceased’s passion and life?
Even though it is an old cliche, think outside the box. Be personal. Be simple.
Being summer, my siblings and I gathered greens and flowers from each of our homes, and together we created a beautiful flower arrangement filled with intention and reflection to grace the service. (In the fall or winter the same holds true of natural beauty around us that can be used as well…)
Use your heart to decide what would represent the one you love. Be soulful. It is a wonderful part of the healing process.

How does one look for a cremation urn, a scattering vessel or keepsakes?

Funeral homes have catalogs inclusive of unique pieces, including those by artists who use their talents to create beautiful vessels filled with life. Through and other links in the cyber world, there is a plethora of choices at our finger tips. However if time or desire to search is not a fit for you, ask your funeral director if there is a local artist you can visit. They might have just the right vessel selection for you. They will have pieces with character, similar to the life you are celebrating. Yes artistically created pieces are a bit more than a factory created piece, however, you will know who made it – and why.

Integrity. Intention. Celebration. Those are the elements that need to be brought back to the forefront of the decision making process.
Not ‘how much it costs’ …….

I wish you calm, reflective choices and may you find the perfect elements that represent those you love.

Live fully,


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