Rite of passage

I found this in my draft folder. I had never posted it……It is odd how some things come around when necessary! And here it is.

Dreads and all

Another rite of passage. Not that much is different – or is it?

Previous entry, unpublished – but very, very relevant!:

It really was no big deal…or was it.
Uuugh yeah….it was a big deal. In fact, it was such a monumental event for me that I lost at least 3 nights worth of sleep.

What the heck! Really?
And what was so big that it caused that much anxiety?
Dreads. I am an artist. I love doing unique things that capture my spirit. I love playful and spontaneous. Or so I believed.
This was a very visible move that was out of the ordinary – for a good ‘ol Minnesotan!

I had been planning on doing this little dread-thing for about three weeks. When it came down to the count….I was thinking more of what other people would think, than how joyful I would be with them in! That is when I realized there was more to this than just ‘dreads’. It was about relinquishing or embracing my inner voice. During this time of New Year transitions, I am blessed and appreciative of my honest reflection of what and who I am.

My wish for you, is that the New Year transition brings you awareness and courage to alter what is necessary for your own true joy.

Living fully – carving a life,


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