Cave PaintingSacred: • regarded with great respect and reverence by a particular religion, group, or individual:

What we aspire to as individuals and as a human race is a deep and thought provoking conversation.
And how to express and interpret our ideals causes us to go even deeper into the caverns of our spiritual being.
Is creative expression really needed? Do we have ways to express our thoughts outside of the creative process?
What would you replace words, music, visual art, drama or dance with – that is equal in expression?
I am not sure that I, myself, would have an answer to that question.
(Note this conversation isn’t even addressing the attributes that creativity provides within ‘smarts’ growth.)

I think back to the images of drawings inside of caves. So symbolic for the lives lived.

And here we are today. So many ways to communicate our emotions. Yet disregarded as valued – by many.

Creating is a process. It is exposing. It is deliberate, intentional, inquisitive, uncomfortable, validating, and emotionally charged.
And it is necessary. It is a process that crosses many bridges. It is able to cross gender, faith, age, culture, and creature.
Note: I had the joyful experience of listening to a band outside one evening, and in the hours of darkness, birds were flying overhead in joyful celebration to the music being heard. (My imagination was not running rampant.)
This video proves my point that creatures great and small respond to music as well.
(Please look past the beverage can… there…see the furry friend?… yeah…that’s it. Now watch! :D)

I consider my work sacred. Which by my definition includes: nature, reverence, playfulness, respect, humor, and bliss.
I welcome you to be a part of my creative world this month as I share an installation with fellow potters at the 410 Project in Mankato MN, November 27 thru December 20. Opening reception is Friday evening, November 27, 7-9 pm.
Hope to see you there!

Living Fully,


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