Is it a Sycamore? Or Eucalyptus?

The bitter north winds of the mid-west awaken the senses in ways unexplainable to those in other parts of the country. They also heighten our longing for warmth in the thick of winter.
Myself included.
In a far away land, in celebration of a new year, the sun’s rays energize those in need of rejuvenation.
Myself included.
Navigating through San Francisco with my car windows closed,
an essence begins to permeate this man-made piece of steel. I roll my windows down, and drink in the most intoxicating scent I have been craving for over a year. Trees. Earthy, splendid trees. A scent so luxurious and rich, punctuated after the morning soak in this drought ridden state, by means of fog. The heady aroma is that of sycamore, eucalyptus, and pine.
As I gratefully stroke the bark of these magnificent creations, my mind and body say ‘Thank you!”

Until we meet again…

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