Spirit and the Power Within

A message to me: Be true to the Spirit and the Power Within.

These last months have brought the meaning of this very statement to the forefront.
We all have life challenges – otherwise we would be dead. Right? Not living? Dead.
But, there is a spirit calling us. To. Pay. Attention. To be present. To be all that we can be Рand are! Right here. Right now. Subtle or not so subtle. Challenging. Joyful. Fear Packed. Documented or not, life altering. And we РWE Рhave the power to engage with what that life looks like. Spiritual or otherwise.

I have shared before, my thoughts, about those who have crossed over. And this is another of many, many experiences. Our second grandson was born earlier this month. While waiting for his arrival, I walked to a nearby antique store. I have a soft spot for those things that have carried a life previous to my participation with it.
I had posed a question to those who have crossed over. “What is it like on the other side?” Knowing I had a grandson to soon share with, about his Grandpa who was ‘on the other side’. And here I was. In the basement, in the pit of the old memories, where a book called to me. Red cover. Published date 1939. By author Stewart Edward White. Title: Unobstructed Universe.
My answer was in that book, and yes, from 1939. Unbelievable?!
Not really. I wasn’t surprised.

Call it “New Age”. You can even call it science fiction if you so choose. But there is something to be understood in this book. Something we know in our core being. Intrinsic. Deeply rooted. Even scientific. And those on the other side are trying to get our attention. To help us understand what life is all about. About why we are here! We are here – to experience life!

No one knows all. How can they.
And who is to say – ‘this isn’t just a bunch of ….. ‘ (fill in as you wish – based on your generation of explicatives).
I. For one. Believe.

Living fully – carving a life,


To read more about the book referred to above, follow to this link.

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