It was an evolutionary process. 
Starting as a studio in the back yard. Immersed in nature. 
Peering at life through a small ‘keyhole’, 
feeling the presence of something bigger than herself.
 Traveling through time since 1998,
imagine a spacious studio in a second floor warehouse
 of a fourth generation family-owned woolen mill. 
Welcome to Michelle’s current studio “Soul Work”.
Nestled next to the Minnesota River, her art space is as always,
a place
of creativity. Walks to nearby “Mill Pond” are frequently a part 
of her agenda, offering a respite for both mind and soul. 
Saint Peters’ Pearly Gates and the ’99 Bridge’ can be seen
 right outside her studio window. If you are in the area, 
she invites you to call for a personal visit. 
You are welcome to share a walk around the Pond!

Thanks for stopping by!