Rebirth: Out of the ashes

Energy. That tingling sensation coursing through your veins. Validating the existence of something greater than ourselves. I have had experiences otherwise unexplainable, that I am just starting to understand. You have felt it right? The tingling? I have too, on … Read More

Do you do it on your front step?

Inspiration at its best. I am unable to keep my feet still. This will be me….wiser, and yes, loving to dance. More like…my whole being loves to dance. If you ever were to spot me at a dance when I … Read More

A challenge for myself

I am such an advocate of viewing inspiring art. I make a trek to the MIA quite frequently for that worldly experience. There are also some fabulous galleries locally that I go to as well. Like the Art Center of … Read More

Coming out of the fog…..

As I come out of the fog of the last three years… I realize I am planting myself. Again. “Which way do I turn?” It is self evaluation time in the life clock world. I have gained so much wisdom, … Read More