Meaningful Changes: Lesson #102

Back in March of 2014, my husband and I lost our home to a fire. We lost everything but the clothes on our backs, and a few odds and ends we were able to recover. Odd things really…items that we … Read More

A lasting impression

Devil’s Tower. A place of reverence and beauty to many. Myself included. We have traveled to and around the base of Devil’s Tower a few times, and each visit leaves an indelible imprint on my spiritual being. Here is a … Read More

While you were sleeping…

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasant surprise of being asked to join a dear friend on a journey to Sedona. How could I refuse! A break from life for a week was…well…inviting. But before I could leave, … Read More

A challenge for myself

I am such an advocate of viewing inspiring art. I make a trek to the MIA quite frequently for that worldly experience. There are also some fabulous galleries locally that I go to as well. Like the Art Center of … Read More

What is art?

During my travels, my companions lose their patience. My camera is in my hand, and I am taking literally hundreds of photos. Thank goodness for digital cameras! Images of nature for future studies. Architectural examples of carvings… the list goes … Read More