Ashes in the closet.

How many of you are aware of someone housing a loved ones’ ashes – in a closet? I have heard people say in passing…”yeah, I have ______’s ashes in my closet.” It might pose a question in our minds and … Read More

How do I find a beautiful artistic handcrafted cremation urn?

  Say you are searching for a special urn to purchase on line. You start with the word search….and quickly learn that the terms can be tricky and they can become a conundrum. To say the least. How do we … Read More

Will it stop you in your tracks?

It’s just part of the every day Minnesota winter – which translates into six whole months out of the year. Snow. Really? My plans were for a complete weekend of creative inventiveness and freedom in my studio while my husband … Read More

Willows in my back yard

  Living on an acreage filled with nature, I am intrigued and inspired by an elegant and grandiose tree that grows nearby. The willow. It has these beautiful seedlings that emerge on all of its branches every spring. Fuzzy bristles … Read More