That Creative Process

A while back I
created something out of the ordinary. And I liked it!
Then while
driving the car three blocks, to deliver it for a firing, I went over a
bump with my car, and “ping“….I broke the piece.
Well? Sounds like life….and yes it does go on!
I was bound and determined to save it as a reminder of this adventure into new territory, so I decided to fire it. Broken. Even after I tried
to repair it. That process had not gone so well.
Stubbornly, I kept going with the process
and glazed and high fired it. Now, ironically, it is a testament to
the changes that happen in life.
Sometimes some parts do feel broken!
And yet they mend. Albeit sometimes they are not the prettiest, however they mend just the same. They push the boundaries of our comfort zone for new
and fresh ideas.
It is a testament of where we have been. And where we are going.
And yes, we do learn along the way – again.
For me that means packing things a bit more securely next time, so I won’t have to learn this lesson over.

Live fully,


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