The anniversary

Sketched Concept

The following story has been written from a perspective of “What a great gift for a man to give his wife!”

 When one has been married for quite some time, the love and respect developed over time can be quite rich and genuine.
So what do you get that person for an anniversary gift?
Jewelry? Great gift! However, how many times can you give that?
Ironically, jewelry is a hard one to be successful with. And it isn’t for everyone!

Diamonds? Yeah….but how many times can you give diamonds?

What is left?
Flowers? (I love those!)
Flowers are always a wonderful gift in my book.

Unique, unusual, or plucked out of the garden! All wonderful options.
Ok, now what is left? No. Not a vacuum. Nor a washer or a dryer or a dishwasher.

Those don’t exude love to me.
Unless of course you are one that has the distorted love affair with your spouse.
(Disclaimer on this perception. That is solely my impression.)

I had a gentleman ask me if I would create a commissioned piece for his wife on their anniversary.
Her favorite flower? Tulips. Great!
We agreed on how much he wanted to spend, and the process began.

Here is the fun part of this story. He didn’t just give a gift. He helped design it.
I asked how many children they had, and subliminally added that element into the piece.
I thought at the early onset of the process, that it would be fun for him to see the progress.
So I sent him shots of the progression.
Game changer!

On the Wheel
Sketch to carve
Slow dry before bisque firing
Red Iron Stained, ready to high fire














I didn’t realize how much of a game changer it would be until about the second session of photographs were sent to him.
It is called “ownership”.

He owned the process as a participant.
What a fantastic way to give a gift.
To see something artistic come to life before your very eyes.

(Caveat: Commissions aren’t for everyone. There is a necessary freedom required for the artist to do their best work.
That means trusting the artist as well as the artist being a good listener to the client. I strongly recommend loving the style the artist has before you ask them to create a piece for you.

And give them some – only some direction.
And then – let them do what they do best. It will be a joyful experience for you – as well as for your recipient.)

Finished Piece

Living fully – carving a life,



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