The ask.

I read an interesting and compelling article lately.

As artists – we are ….. artists. (sigh)
However we are also representing our work – as – heaven forbid – salespeople.

I have been in the sales world for
Y E A R S!
As an interior designer, building consultant, graphic design project manager…you name it.
The same applies. You are supposed to ask for the sale.
As artists we are the “Jack of ALL Trades”.  That is it in a nutshell.
We are the designer, the creator, the shipper, the office manager, the quality control department, …. and the seller, the end all.

So why is it so hard for us to ‘Ask’?

Why? Because it is a very personal part of us.
We are selling products made by – only us.
One of a kind. Unique. Original. What ever you want to call it.
It is out there – for accolades – and for criticism.
Uuuugggghhh! We aren’t selling mass produced products here. They are made by our own two hands – and then some nervous, inspired, deep angst! We are responsible.

THAT is why we are afraid to ask for a sale.
(Maybe I should speak for myself. There are many out there who have no problem asking!)

However the article really did push the question.
If you do believe in your work….why don’t we/you/they/I ask for it?

Because it is a risky business. Our emotions are out on the line. Exposed. Fragile. Able to be easily broken.
Someone can easily be a critic and say our work is….worth-less.
And our spirit would be broken. For a very very long time.
Until our spirit could take it no longer, and we. must. do. it. again.

Just like anyone else who loves what they do. We can’t let it go that easily.
So THANK YOU to those who have purchased an artists work.
THANK YOU to those who encourage us to continue on our trek.
THANK YOU – for going beyond our call of artist living – and believing in what we do.
THANK YOU for being an artist patron.

PS. Don’t you go feeling put out when I do ask! ;D
You can always respond….Why YES I will!

Living fully – carving a life,



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