The Comfort of Truth is Under Layers of Frozen Lies

Our moral core is buried deep.
Iced over.
Under layers and layers of rhetoric.
Government policy.
Political jargon.
Facts vs. Lies.
Bending the truth.

Is it time?
To stand? To have uncomfortable conversations?
To express our concerns?

We need to discuss! As in talk with each other!
Environment health.
Gender fluidity.
Personal identity.
Race appreciation and equality.
Religious freedom.
Refuge and Asylum.
Safety for all.
Gun violence.
Equal healthcare.
Equal tax.
The list is so endless right now.

Question: If we do not speak up…..who will?
Answer: If we choose to say nothing – ‘they’ will shape the conversation ‘for us’. Because they know nothing different – if we do not speak up.
Get to work and start speaking up people! If not now – when?

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