The guarantee

Sculptural floral vessel in the makingAs sure as the sun is setting and the sky is darkening into night, I have celebrated yet another day of living.
For others, their time of crossing over has come and gone. They are on the other side.

It’s pretty common knowledge. We all know we are mortal.
For many, the concept of passing is vague and barely conceivable. On the contrary however, for others, the concept isn’t just a far into the future forecast. It is staring them in the face. Like a cloud that looms – a constant. Not letting them forget. Some days that cloud is more ominous than others. On good days it is mostly sunshine with only a tiny hint of overcast.
How do they do it? Are they ignoring it all? Playing against the odds? Are they making a deal with some unforeseen force, to win their hand at cards? Or are they pushing on. Persistent. Brave. Strong. Willed. To. Be. Here.

These are thoughts that are going through my head today.

Yes, sometimes I even, am a bit vague…being very philosophical – but vague.
Sometimes that is how I carry on. My survival mode.
Some may call it denial. Others may call it being brave. I call it living.

Today and always, I believe there is a guarantee.
A guarantee for life. To be present. To make choices. To live a life filled to the brim with experiences uniquely created for us.
The guarantee is that there are no do overs of moments out there. They are unique to one – ┬áthe one and only. You. Once.

So my question to you is – how will you act on that guarantee?

Dedicated to those crossed over, those living, those I love.

Living fully – carving a life


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