The Mother of All Mothers

mother-earth-vesselI am working on a vessel that is the second in a sequence. They are very different, however they were thrown on the wheel the same day.

They have been carved at two different times. Yet the feeling that was emanating during the time of ‘design contemplation’ was very very strong.
It had to do with where we are in this world. Today. I see a divide between the people. It is very very simple to me.

One side sees power and money as the top rung on the ladder.
The other side is concerned about life. Others. Children. The Earth. That is their top rung.

Ahhhh, the Earth. To others and myself Mother Earth. Filled with birth, creation, nurturing, and being.
Just. Being.

That is a large divide. Yes?
So I sat in front of my vessels. Knowing they would be sacred vessels no matter the design. Because of the emotion of healing and being, and compassion poured into each piece.  The first carved vessel evolved on its own – which my vessels usually do – to a design of strength, enduring growth, and being. Ginkgo leaves. The spirit of persistence and – endurance. Enduring.

The second piece I am working on is driven by years and years of feathers in my life. Messages, reminders, awareness. All from birds of flight. The Bald Eagles living here all year long. The Herons or Cranes, a seasonal migratory species that keeps me connected to the changes in life. The migratory birds of all colors and sizes. Yet, they all are creatures who have one intention. To BE. To be witness to this life on earth.

I have always felt a great presence from the Native American’s who preceded my in this area of great Indian heritage and history.
The Native Americans of our generation are being witness to this life on earth as well. Reminding us that we only live here. We do not own Mother Earth. She breathes on her own. Without our assistance. We have this thing about power and control that literally makes me weep inside my soul. So I dedicate this vessel to those who travel to places and peacefully are present. Making it known, and reminding us….that we do not own this Earth and that we need to be compassionate and aware of what we are doing to her. Mother Earth.

I pray for awareness, compassion, enduring care, and love.

Living fully – carving a life,


To see the completed vessel prior to firing click here.

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