The mouse that crossed the road

On my way to town today, I was reflecting on how life takes us through so many experiences. Giving us opportunities to become clear. To truly identify who we are.

My daughter and son popped into my head and simultaneously, I felt so blessed! They are grounded, and totally comfortable in their own skin. My thoughts instantly traveled with humor to the question…”I wonder where they got that from?”

Then, my inner conversation was followed with echoes of both of my children – telling me at some point in their lives, how strong they saw me.
I admit, I sometimes come across as a strong person. (I am a first born.) However, I am also introverted, and I am sometimes shy. To some the ‘strong’ part is a bit scary. However, as I rounded the next decade into the world of wise women, I made a commitment to myself. To be positive, real, grounded, and most importantly comfortable in my own skin! True to me.

As I continued my descent down the hill, completing my inner conversation, I slowed to greet the speed limit sign. In front of me a shriveled dead leaf blew across the road. Not until it dodged two cars and proceeded to scurry across the road before more oncoming traffic descended upon it, did I realize ‘it’ was actually a four-legged little critter with a very long tail. Only about five inches in length – including the long tail. This vision pressed me to pause. A mouse. Strong willed. It had it’s mind made up. That mouse was going to cross the road! Confident in the course of action and proceeding with deft and speed, successfully crossing the road.

These little signs confirming our thoughts are truly amazing aren’t they?!

Since the year is fresh with promise, I share this story as our commitment to the New Year.
May your journey be filled with clear decisions, and may your actions support you – being truly comfortable in your own skin!

Living fully – carving a life,


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