The Reveal

sunriseWe enter into this life, like an unwritten book. Chapters of blank pages to be filled with lessons – unset, unseen, yet to be experienced – as sure as the sunrise cresting in the waking moment of the early dawn. Each is a story specifically written for us. Whether we are aware or not. And it will arrive. Somewhere, sometime.

One day….when you aren’t even looking.
Thunder announces the clouds intentions of eminent rains. Rains – of opportunities for growth.
The lessons come rumbling across the sky. The thunder shaking us to our core.
Vibrating with an electric pulse.

How will you fill your pages

The energy shifts may have been initiated with a phrase in a book – or from a message sent from a friend.

And the ‘reveal’ is there. Perceivable in its potential.

Every second of every day, the pages will continue to turn before us.

The question?
How will we embrace the revelation?

Living fully – carving a life,


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