The Ritual of the Vessel

leaves-j1We are vessels of memories.
It is a huge part of who we are.

The memories….the stories.

Years back, I would visit my grandmother. She would travel back in time and share. I loved to ask her to remember – when she was younger – and I was younger. With such clarity she would even carry me to a time when I was not even in existence.

We are all about stories. It is what makes us. It is what defines us. We are one gigantic story. Really.

So, imagine a celebration vessel, with snippets on paper, and tokens of experiences. All held within.
I will place my own decades of memories into a unique Journey Vessel – as the years of adventure and living continue. My folklore. What created me into who I am.
It will be a new chapter. Family sharing the memories and adventures. Things forgotten. Events before their time. Sharing that time. Savoring the folklore. Even placing my ashes in the Vessel. Scattering the fragments back into the earth. And then the ceremonial washing of the vessel with the family. Preparing it for the folklore that will continue into the next generation.
Is it only an urn? No. It is truly a vessel to hold memories and spirit.

Sounds like a ritual.

Feels like a ritual.

It is a ritual.

Living fully – carving a life,


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