The Uproar

The world is in an uproar. That is what I hear. Day in. Day out. Maybe I should say….this is what I see. Here is the lesson I have to learn. When we turn inward, viewing our own reactions – or actions – in a day….we need to ask ourselves: Are they reflective of the chaos that continues in this crazy world? We need to sloooooow down.
Recognizing that what happens elsewhere does not have to cause us to react.
Instead, be calm. Be the love. And be present to those around us.
How can we live in so much chaos and not be embroiled in it?
That is a very hard conversation to tackle. We feel the need to engage. To rebel. To stand up.
But we need to stop the continuation of the ruckus. That is the lesson we need to learn.
The element of life we need to nurture is to Be present. Be the love that is missing in so many lives. Be the promise of presence.
So many people are ‘bullying”.
We need to ask ourselves: How do we live within this chaos and not be drawn in to the drama, hate, and propagation of more hate?
Be the calm.

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