To purge or not to purge?

Life is a lot like our clothes closet.

We are comfortable with the things we have placed on those hangers.
We can envision the end result, and we wear those pieces. Again and again.
Then there are some that we are a bit hesitant about, we think maybe some day…they will work for us. We were excited when we selected it! Now it feels like it might have been a mistake, however we are not ready to purge it…just yet.

Here is a random question…What would happen if we started over?

As in….took all of those clothes we have. Gave them away, and started over. (Or as in my case – lost them in a fire.)
Would the new pieces be different? Would we stretch ourselves? Thinking of those pieces we have always wanted to try, yet never quite got up the gumption to try? How would we feel if we really ‘broke the mold’ and put something new on for size.

Life is kind of like creating our clothes closet…
There are all of these ideas…zooming around in our head.
I don’t know about you, but for some reason for me, these ideas show up at 3:00 am. My spirit gets pretty excited to try these ideas on for size. Because they give me an infusion of energy. (Even though it may be at 3 am!)
However. These are things I haven’t tried before! Suddenly as I wander about the following day, my brain plays with me saying “You know it probably won’t work!”.

Trying new things is tricky business.
It means you are vulnerable. (Imagine those unworn items on closet hangers…)
You are doing something you are not familiar with. You. Are. At. Risk. Of. FAILURE!

We need to stretch ourselves. Try new things.
Go where we are uncomfortable.
That is what life is about. Growth. If we don’t grow, we whither.
And if we stumble along the way….we LEARN! Thank goodness for that!

From my own experience….Starting over is similar to purging. It is good for the spirit!

So, what are you going to wear tomorrow?


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