Today. A day of clarity.

It is more of an answer – identified by an internal question.
Do we stand up and be bold? Or do we sit quietly and have those with stronger voices, share opinions, “hoping” that we are in alignment with what they are saying?
I have spoken to like-minded people. People who are universally driven, spiritual, and filled with love. But/and they are at the turning point of what to do as well. Wondering how they will act. Do they stand up and shout? Will they be heard? Will they, because of their strength in honesty – be victimized for stating reality because of it?
And what is real these days?
There are so darn many questions! And no one person has the answers.


We all have an internal compass. And it is time to look at the direction we are pointing. Is it driven by an outside magnet? Causing us to go a direction we are being subliminally pointed towards?  Is this outside force taking us where we truly want to go? Or is it driven by your own core?

We have a choice. We can sit silently as this world takes on a new shape. For it will change shape whether we step into the ring or not. However the challenge I see is also the turning point in responsibility for what we do or do not do. Yes, we can be silent. We can stand, quietly, yet share the love and light we will our world be surrounded with. In the meantime – someone else is making decisions that will alter the future. Of this world. Will it be my future? Or yours?

I have been of the belief that we create our own future. Our own life. And yet, I am coming to realize that there is a responsibility I must carry, to what I want to see propagate in the future. I have asked myself “Do I stand? Or do I sit on my hands, and say ‘my world is beautiful.’?”
Do I respond to the neighbor who has a negative attitude with a “You need to be more positive.”?
I believe we are responsible for the enhancement of another person’s light. For standing by them and supporting them. Sharing in the creation of light, to make the world more beautiful as a whole – a better place. Does that agree with you? It is just as plain to me as someone who spreads negative light. We impress that ‘light’ unto others. It is called the ripple affect, similar to raining on someone else’s day with the negativity – or lighting up their day with positivity.

We can be strong. We can stand. And yes – we can do this in a positive light.

BE that positive light.

Living fully – carving a life,



Credit: Image by Gerard Altmann _ Pixabay


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