Trending April 10, 2016…
Found a new home this last week!

Being of a five decade plus age, it is intriguing to me to know that acquiring the news  is very different from earlier generations of reading the Sunday Paper. The local paper that is/was thrown to your doorstep – to be read from front to back over a lounging Sunday coffee or orange juice.Those times have changed!
Now it is pulling out your laptop and Google Searching the news of the day.
And it seems today, people are talking about sports, sports and more sports.
(As a person in the arts world, I won’t touch this with a ten foot pole…) My husband is watching what is number four on the list…The Masters!
However at number 120 is “ageing” followed by #126 at “sculpture”.
This is fascinating to me.
I was never a sports enthusiast. Unless you call riding bike in the country ‘being sports minded’. LOL

So with the ‘Google Trends’ for today, I can honestly say I qualify. HOORAY!

With those two words meshed together, I invite you to think differently about life. Celebrating the living side of things.
Vessels can be sculptural and visually tell the story of what we are about. What inspires us to be who we are.
I was at the American & Crafts Council Show in St. Paul today. Seeking to connect with fellow potters and learn how others reach out, and connect.
I saw such unique vessels. We certainly are all different in our artistic voices.
Some being nature driven, I felt a connection with Angela Sample, earthy and edgy ceramic creations that were both subdued in exterior appearance, with the fabulous pop of color on the inside. Thus the ‘edgy’.
Make sure to put that event on your calendar for next April. It is a must do!

And for your next Sunday reading, I welcome you to read about keeping your memories, and celebrating your life – presently.

Until next week….enjoy that Sunday paper….

Living fully – carving a life,


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