What do farmers, electricians, and dentists have in common?

It is everywhere….

I was visiting with my daughter the other day.
“Mom” she said….”I get it now.”

Ahhh the joys of wisdom! (smile)

An Accountant.
They use numbers, work on budgets. Deal with deficits. Figure out how to
grow a business. How to be more efficient. Enterprising thinking at it’s best.

A Farmer.
They have to be one up on weather conditions. They incorporate crop rotation and decide which is the best of crop selections. A farmer thinks about diversity in planting and how to expand their market for raw product materials. Soil conservancy and water pollution is in front of their wheels daily. Resourceful thinking needed!

A Manufacturer.
They are on the ball, thinking on the mechanical end of the business, incorporating efficiency where ever possible. Being forward thinking about product development. Then there is packaging, marketing and sales in the newer global market. Experimental skills are all over this one, as is enterprising.

An Electrician.
I admire the people in the world of electricity. Electricians always trouble shooting both in home and commercial building, figuring out how to wire amid a maze of floor and roof trusses. Connecting those wires inside their brain in order to make the ones outside their brains active. With technology booming, the world of solar and electric transportation and communication are the main topic in the invention world. Innovative work at the hands of some very creative people!

A Dentist.
Have you been to the dentist office lately? Now there is a place with some pretty new products and methods. And there is uniqueness in every client. The dentist carving and shaping, using their hands every day. I call that department visionary!

Many jobs are creative. Those that are obvious and those that aren’t so much.
The thesaurus entry defining Creative via Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus reads as follows:

CREATIVE:  inventive, imaginative,
experimental, original; artistic, expressive, inspired,
enterprising, resourceful

Now think of your own job – How many of those words apply to you?
Post your position in the comments section along with the words that apply for you – and please share!

We are all creative. Support it where you live.

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