What does your world look like?

I am not one to banter about politics, religion, or gender.
I am going to share that this week I had an experience with a gentleman who saw a post on my facebook page. He went into quite a bit of detail about the gender topic. How he saw things with men and women. He couldn’t see what I see.
I won’t go into or add banter about this topic.
In the end, he was willing to listen. And he was willing to envision what I see. And I appreciate that openness. Some things do take time to absorb.

What I will share with you is this.
I also learned something from his point of view.
And I also, need to be very conscious of how I perceive things.
Yes, we create our world – as we see it through our own eyes.

If you hate, you will see hate.
If you distrust, you will see distrust.
If you fear, you will see fear.
If you love, you will see love.

I chose to live fully with love,


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