What if…

That is all we have really, and the experiences that go with living them.
Intangible, except for the sights, smells, and tactile experiences that take us back.

As a part of a leadership group, I was at a local mortuary, for a local businesses tour.
And I saw the vessels they had in the product room.
Being a person who resonates with woodworking as well, I was most appreciative of the detailing of the caskets.
They had a warm glow about them. Speaking to the wooden ones.
That casket had been a living tree at one point in its life.

And then we came to the urns.
Ahhhhh. Yes I know why I create what I do.
Something was missing.

The warm glow and tactile interaction…the respect, the integrity of the vessels that are created by hand.
It just isn’t in the mass produced vessels.
Maybe I am biased? But if you are putting someone in the ground – or on your mantel – or scattering the cremains, you will have the memories to carry with you.
What does that vessel look like as it represents those memories?

I am one that thinks outside the ‘tried and true’.
Are they not really the connecting stone to the memories?
If that is the case, then I have a thought for whom ever is reading this.

These memories…some being when we were small. Some when we were teenagers. Some as we ourselves became parents.
What if.

What if that vessel that would hold cremains in the future, is brought into the home as a celebratory life vessel of memories early on?
Example: When my children were growing up, I would keep a journal of memories for them. Places we had been to. Memories we shared. Experiences that made us grow. Moments that were lived that maybe the children or other family members may not even have known about, that were pivotal in creating that person as a whole.

What if.
That vessel was given to the person – or purchased by said person – earlier in life. As a celebratory vessel. To house memories written on pieces of paper. Memory scrolls.
And what if those pieces of paper/memories were shared at the celebration of said persons’ life when it was their time of crossing over?

And What if.
That celebratory life vessel returned to the home, as a memory – anew.

Living fully- carving a life,


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