What NOT to do to get a grant.

My writing is a bit too poetic.
Atleast that is what I was told when I applied for a grant. They wanted passion. Not poetry.
And at first I was so heartbroken, I didn’t know what to do with myself.
But then I realized something. I can’t change me. Who I am.
Well, technically yes I could change me. If I wanted to.
But you know….I kinda like who I am!
So what do you do when you find out your writing for money is a bit too ‘sweet’?

I just keep on writing just the way I am now. From the heart. And for real.
I don’t sugar coat how I feel. Atleast I don’t believe I do.
I am gentle sometimes. Especially when it comes to topics that involve pain, sadness, or the need to be mindful.
Life can be hard. And I am aware of that. Oh am I aware of that!

After much processing, I have come to a place of peace regarding this poetic thing.
I remember when I was in high school, I took a Creative Writing class. I loved that class!
It was way better than the Debate and Speech exercises I was involved in.
I remember a poem I wrote about the frost on the trees in winter, looking like diamond coated fingers.
Yeah….I know. It makes me smile just thinking about that poem. It was the epitome of ‘wordy’ – but that was what I was supposed to be doing! Adding flourishes of creative and descriptive words to my sentences. Wordy right!? (sigh)
That class stuck! It was and still is in my blood – thick and red. (haha)

My life is like my writing – I look at life with richness, and from different view points.
So I will live with the poetic, and even embrace that fact!

What a revelation…As I look at my style of art, and the poetic factor, I am amazed at the similarity.
Yes this is a “hit me between the eyes” moment – again! Didn’t I have one of those just recently?
My art is very rich in detail. Descriptive in style. Emotionally packed.
Yes – P O E T I C.
I guess it is hard to kick the poetry out of the poet.
So much for more grant writing!

Living fully – carving a life


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