What risk didn’t you take?

What risk didn't you take?

Life is full of experiences.
Some are challenges we commit to. Others are challenges we chose not to take.
This weeks question for your vessel of memories is:
What risk did younot take – that you wish you would have?

For some of us, that is a tough question!
These were/are turning points.
Maybe we feel regret because we didn’t take that leap.
Was it something you didn’t think you could do? Or was it something avoided because someone said you couldn’t do it.

There are so many things about our very being that we don’t think twice about because we know who we are.
But do your dearest loves know these things about you?
Usually these insights are kept deep within our being. We don’t share openly. However those experiences were/are what makes us who we are!

Share. Write. Share.

What do you wish you would have risked?
Hmmm….it’s never too late!

Living fully – carving a life,


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