What would you do if?

What would you try if
What would you try if

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

I did not realize this was such a packed question until I posted it on facebook.
My daughter has a similar quote framed and hanging on her dining room wall….however hers reads “What would you try if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

I thought this question would stimulate sharing of dreams people have had, when I posted it to FB. Maybe putting it out there would align them with similar thinking people, or the support they would need to make the leap.
Maybe they don’t have the wear with all to attempt their dream – because of fear of failure? Lack of funding? Time?

What I realized after posting this, and reading the responses, is that this question –
and so many other forms of communication – have many interpretations.
Some comments had snippets or innuendos of the following
I would purchase lottery tickets.
I would rob a bank. (Somewhat joking…)
Play violin.
Go to med school.
Start my own small business.
Why would I not want to fail. If I knew I was going to succeed – why bother?
Failure is important, so I would not ‘not want to fail’
Not trying is failing. Being unsuccessful at something tried is not failing,

I resonate strongly with this last statement.
As a mother, I have always told my kids you can do whatever you put your mind towards. Anything is possible.
Who are we to say – NO – to someone!?

If we have dreams, why do we choose to not act on them?
Are we conditioning people? Telling them that their dreams are only that. Dreams. Untouchable. Not worth trying.

My thought?  Fear
Fear of being told “I told you it wouldn’t work”
Fear of not succeeding – whatever that definition is.
For some – we need to succeed after the first attempt!
Being ridiculed for doing something ‘dumb’ (Really, I detest that word – and my response would be – In who’s eyes!? There is no such thing as ‘dumb’!!!)

What happens if we don’t follow our dreams?
Life is about growth. Would we grow if we followed our dreams?
Are dreams able to evolve? Or is our world made of black and white answers. Ugggghhhhh – NOT!

As some people shared their dreams, I thought about something that happened to me a few years back.
I have never shared this – and it is so powerful – so I will share.

I learned that putting our dreams OR FEARS out there is the first step in
reality with the Universe.
If we hear ourselves state something out loud, over and over, it changes it up.
Have you ever experienced that?
The Universe is listening. Repeat…The Universe is listening!

A few years ago, my father past away. And my siblings and I were in charge of putting his estate in order.
My father was a hoarder. He was also quite the eccentric. He was a man ahead of his time. Resourceful.
Simple joys were important to him. People were important to him.
He had a dream. And that was to have an antique shop.
So he collected all of these things for the future shop. Time passed, and he did not start the shop. And all that he had purchased – deteriorated. Much had no value.
So we were pitching. And pitching. And pitching.
When I would come home at night after a day of cleaning at my dads’ house, I would look at our shop/garage/house, and think to myself “What are we going to do with all of this ‘stuff’ we have accumulated through the decades?!’

Segway: Back in 1985 our home was vandalized while we were gone on holiday. Strangely, we thought, ok – that won’t happen again. But there was still fear.
And…it happened a second time – while we were gone on holiday!
Well we knew the odds were pretty low of it happening a third time, so we no longer feared it.
We built our new home in 1992 – and we feared fire would someday destroy all of our efforts because maybe we did something wrong.
Literally, every
time we would come home after being gone for a time away, we would peak around the
bend, fearing our home had been taken by fire. (None of this is fiction

One step closer to a dream

Now, combine these two thoughts: Feeling overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ and having a fear of ‘fire’.
March 6, 2014. Our house burned to the ground. Including all of the ‘stuff’.
I had a sense of ‘well that is taken care of!’ No more dealing with all of that ‘stuff’!
Am I being delirious? Nope. I know the Universe was listening to my thoughts and intentions.

So with that said, and the fear and failure discussion take out of the equation – I will ask the question again – in a positive light.

If you knew that your dream of doing something wonderful, enlightening, meaningful, blissful, or loving in your life was a possibility…
What would you do? And…just think of what it would feel like if indeed – you did do it?

If you would like to learn more about how we interact with the Universe, view this video by Deepok Chopra.

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