When do you let it go?

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Today….I learned a valuable lesson. Actually I learned two valuable lessons.
I will share with you the most recent one.

As humans, we take so much to heart in what we do. We bare all.
When someone critiques our work, we feel as if they are in essence critiquing us as individuals.
Especially when we hear a response of ‘rejection’ that throws us against a brick wall.
I think of the composers, poets, and visual artists of long ago. Who struggled. Who put on paper or canvas what they felt in their very core. And who were rejected – because some didn’t see eye to eye with what they were putting out there.
Johann Sebastian Bach, Vincent van Gogh, Johannes VerMeer, John Keats. All experienced life without validation of their work. For some, it didn’t come until after they passed. I wonder why there was negativity? Maybe it was too risky for them (the critics) to look at what they saw. Maybe it touched emotions a little too close to home.
For some artists, they were ahead of their time.
It is sad to think of those who have created with such a passion and yet led an unfulfilled life. And now – years, and even centuries later – they are being acknowledged for their creative talents.

Our being, our breathing, is driven by what is inside of us. It drives us to be persistent.

Elvis, Thomas Edison, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs.
They were persistent in their passion when others said they didn’t have what it takes.

This whole conversation is driven by a recent grant submission that was discussed today.
It reminded me that sometimes in life…people want to put us in a neat and tidy box. They want consistency. Predictability.

I learned that it doesn’t matter.

We need to follow our passion. For our own well being.
Otherwise…there is no growth. We become stagnant.

I will create work, first and foremost, for myself.
It will be authentic, real, and meaningful to me.
Mass appeal? Maybe not so much.
However I am ok with that.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
                      Vincent Van Gogh

Living fully – carving a life,


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