Will we persevere?

A year and six days.
That is how long it has been.
That is when his spirit crossed over.

And here I am.
I have seen the signs – of those who have brought their existence into view.
Meaning – I am keeping my eyes and ears, spirit and intuition on alert. As I know those who have crossed over are cheering us on. (Ok – me – I need to own this.)
To do what I am compelled to do. Or more like – driven!
As so many people say – following our purpose.

This shift, is what I wrote about in my last entry. And Yes…sometimes we just need to act on what we are supposed to do! It is amazing how that commitment catapults us into something we never dared to imagine!
A book has been sitting on my night stand and I have been reading it. However it became very clear that it was to be the focus over these last two weeks as I have escaped to ponder, get grounded, step away and finally – move forward.
It changed things, in a very unexpected way.

This reading described women’s need to be deeply rooted with the earth, I heard my own soul saying YES!
I have always understood the premise, because my work is very nature oriented, and my son has always said prophetically that I am a tree hugger. Yep. That’s me. However this made me travel much deeper.

Being with a group of dear friends, we shared so many dreams, aspirations, goals, questions, beliefs, and closely held secrets. And by the end of the gathering? We were women who rose to a different plane. We felt a different surge of energy in our beings. One of intention. With strength. With fortitude.
We realized we are not alone and that we are being held close as we travel, each on our individual mission. To make this world a better place. One act at a time.

The image I am sharing was one I took while on these last weeks of searching. Of course I study nature, so I had to take some photos of this. However I now realize it is a very iconic symbol of where we are in life.
We can see life as prickly, ugly, and uninhabitable. But if we look closely and are patient, we will find beauty on this planet – with our faith and perseverance. It will happen.

Living fully – carving a life,


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