Willows in my back yard


Living on an acreage filled with nature, I am intrigued and inspired by an elegant and grandiose tree that grows nearby. The willow. It has these beautiful seedlings that emerge on all of its branches every spring. Fuzzy bristles with yellow tinges on the ends bedeck its limbs like jewels. And quietly clustered beside them are tiny green curls waiting to unfurl into long swaying blade-like leaves of summer.

These little beauties are gifts of nature as spring emerges time and time again.
As in nature, every person comes into this world bearing gifts to those around them.
And when the time comes for them to leave us, it is hard to say good bye.
It feels as if our life will never have another happy day.
However, as far away as it may seem, spring will come again.
Delivering new growth with beauty, intrigue and inspiration.

I hope nature fills that void you may have in your life.
May it fill your days with beauty, intrigue and inspiration.

Live fully,
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