You are in charge

You are in charge.
We all have the opportunity to live a full and wonderful life. We can look at it as disastrous, and we can look at it as beautiful. Challenging. Awful. Depressing. Glorious. Filled with love.
And yes, you are in charge of that.
There will always be times when we as humans are learning and struggling. Sometimes more than others. Like – now.

But. And. However.

We also have our own viewpoint. Our own actions. Our own impressions.
And we live our own life. It is directed by none other than ourselves.

We can stand up for what we believe in – or we can stand against the wall and not speak up.

We live in a world of personal relationships. With family. With neighbors.
There is so much preaching going on right now – I don’t want this to be glazed over. So I will state this very simply.
We need to turn our attention to those right in front of us.
I am not discounting the power of standing up for, or fighting for, what we feel is right. I am just pointing out that there are people in our own world if you want to call it that – who need us right now. Sometimes we become so engrossed in internet news and postings that go on and on and on, that we loose track of time. And we become so emotionally charged by these postings. Yes we care. But please. Don’t forget the people that surround you. They need your love. Your care. Your companionship. Your guidance and wisdom if you are willing to share. Let them know that they are worth more of your attention – than what is going on – on FB. They – are – your – world.

  1. Nina Preheim
    | Reply

    Wow, this really resonates with me right now, but I always knew you were on my radar.

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