You are a vessel of memories

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Have you ever written a journal? Or a diary?
Do family members around you really know what makes you tick?
A friend invited me to take part in a journal writing exercise for current and future generations.
Before this invitation, I had written about creating memory vessels – for the living to cherish and engage with.

As I perused the questions in the exercise I realized there are a lot of questions we typically don’t share with family members.
Maybe we assume too often. “Ahhh, they already know who I am.”
But do they really know who you are?

This spurred something in me. I want to share a gift with you.
On a weekly basis I will share a special question for you to ponder. And I hope you write about it.
I love to write (as you can probably tell).
My Grandma Mary would be so proud of my love of words read and written. She was a teacher, and gave me my first hard cover books for my First Communion. I was not too thrilled at the time. Because they were ‘used’. And I would give anything to get those books back! They were still in my possession at the time of the fire. Almost fifty years later! Words are such powerful things!

So here is the first in my series called “You are a vessel of memories”.
Share. Write. Share.


What did you dream about doing when you were

Living fully – carving a life,


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